La Quebrada AcapulcoOne of the most emblematic of Acapulco attractions is the cliff divers of La Quebrada. It is a tradition that has been around since the forties and it involves a diver jumping off a 45-meter-tall cliff into a narrow pocket of deep ocean water. It is a few minutes away by car from downtown Acapulco and most of the hotels in the city have transportation to La Quebrada. If you prefer walking, it is a pleasant 15 minute stroll from the downtown plaza.

The dives usually take place in the afternoons and evenings and it is always recommended to arrive a little early so check with your hotel for dive times. You have the option of paying an entrance fee to get onto the observation platform or have dinner and watch the show from the Hotel Mirador, which has a great view. You'll be able to see the divers climb up the rock, pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe in a small shrine and perform this spectacular dive. For better viewing in the evening dives, the divers jump with torches.

Acapulco AttractionsThe trick to the dive is that the jump must be made considering the wind, time between leaving the cliff and hitting the water and the tide. If the water level is not deep enough, the diver will not have the 4.5 meters needed to clear the dangerous rocky bottom. In a free fall of about 50 mph, the risk of injury is high. The dives differ in levels of difficulty, in some cases a spectacular show is formed in a duo dive. For an authentic tradition that is truly "Acapulco", come to see the cliff divers of La Quebrada.